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25%增强PA66 2725GT HS25%增强PA66 2725GT HS25%增强PA66 2725GT HS25%增强PA66 2725GT HS25%增强PA66 2725GT HS25%增强PA66 2725GT HS

25%增强PA66 2725GT HS

2725GT HS产品介绍:PA66,25%玻璃纤维增强,冲击改良,ROHS,注塑级,自然色





The products are supplied in dry state, generally cylindrical pellets, packaged in moisture-proof bags for ease of use. The standard packing form is 25kg bag, and other forms of packaging can also be provided according to the agreement. All packages should be sealed and opened before processing. The products must be stored in a dry room to prevent the dry material from absorbing moisture from the air. If some materials are taken out, you must carefully seal the package.

The products can be maintained in undamaged bags. Experience shows that the materials are stored in bulk tanks for three months and water absorption has no adverse effect on process ability. The materials that are stored in a cold closet should reach room temperature equilibrium to avoid the particles with condensation.

当产品在建议的条件下加工,熔体是稳定的不会因为高分子降解产生有害的物质和气体。如同其他热塑性聚合物一样, 当给予过度的热能,如过度加热,或者燃烧清洁,产品会降解。详细信息 可以参考物质安全资料表。

If the product is processed under recommended conditions, the melt is stable, harmful substances and gases will not produce by degradation of high molecular weight polymer. Like other thermoplastic polymers, products degrade when given excessive heat, such as overheating, or combustion cleaning. Refer to the MSDS for details.


This information is based on the current knowledge and experience of the company. There are many factors that may affect the application and processing of our products, the company does not rule out the need for users to carry out experimental research. This information also does not guarantee the suitability of specific applications or the reliability of certain performances. Any descriptions, drawings, photographs, data, sizes, weights, etc. may change without prior notice, but does not include the agreed contract. Users of our products should ensure compliance with ownership and existing laws and regulations. For product availability, please contact us or our sales agent.

未着色产品的典型值在23℃以下。(Typical value of uncolored product is below 23 ℃)


Variations within normal tolerances are possible for various colors. All values are measured at least 24 hours storage at 23℃/50%RH. All properties, except the melt flow rates and the ash content, are measured on injection molded samples.


Only typical data for selection purposes. Property values are the average experimental data, when used only for reference, not as a product standard.


Flammability results are based on small-scale laboratory tests for purposes of relative comparison and are not intended to reflect the hazards presented by this or any other material under actual fire conditions.




The figures shown in this technical data sheet refer to only to the sample(s) tested. Due to different facilities and processing conditions will lead to different results, the data herein is just for reference and cannot represent the real properties of user's products that is made of this material. Note: For products that only provide colored particles, the measured values are for the special colors specified in the table.